Pore-Cleansing Pad


Our Pink facial cleansing pad is made of silicone. It is safe and gentle to use. Use with your favorite cleansing lotion, facial gem or bar soap. Dampen cleansing pad in warm water. Apply a small amout of your favorite face wash or brush over the top of your bar soap. A little goes a long way so you won’t be using as much product as you were when using your hands to wash your face. Gently use circular motions to remove make up. With the easy grip plunger at the back you can hold the pore cleanser and when finished simple stick to your mirror to dry. Hygenic and reusable! Clean and sterlize when needed…All you have to do is drop the cleansing pad in a cup with boiling water , allow to cool and you can use over and over! No more messy pads that are bad for the environment! Buy one for your home and one for the gym or travel!

$4.95 CDN

See the Pink Facial-Cleansing Pad in action

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