2021 will see a revamp of Pink. Please check back as we make updates to this site and the updated shopping experience we will be implementing.  Join us @pinkhairandbeauty on Instagram for updates.

Established in 2003, the Pink Company began with a vision of growth based on fresh concepts, innovative packaging, and unique products.

For almost 2 decades our line of pro-beauty products has served an ever-growing niche market within the hair & beauty industry and now we are broadening our reach.

As we navigate through the global pandemic situation we do hope everyone is staying safe, trying to be kind and reaching out to those who live alone. A phone call, dropping off a meal or little note can go so far in lifting the spirit of those who are now so isolated.

Here’s to hoping we can see you face to face soon to put you in the Pink and keep you there throughout 2021 and beyond.

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